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How to Hide Notch on Android Mobile Phone

Though Essential phone is actually the first handset with a notch, many more manufacturers of Android mobile phone add notch (big or small) to their flagship devices since iPhone X. Anyway, the fact gives users limited choices to avoid the ugly design. Is there any way to hide notch on your Android phone? Yes, this article will show you how to hide Notch on Huawei P20 and other Android mobile phones.

Hide Notch on Huawei P20

Huawei P20 comes with a notch on the screen head too, but it allows users to hide notch with a simple setting. The setting simply darken the surrounding areas, which makes the whole status bar black so as to "hide" the notch, but the status bar elements are still over the black background. In the future, it is possible that more manufacturers would follow this method.
Step 1. Open Settings app.
Step 2. Tap the magnifying glass in the top right.
Step 3. Type "Notch" in the search and choose it from the result.
Step 4. Select Hide notch option, which is aligned with Default option.

Hide Notch on Any Android Phone

Thanks to Zachary Wander, a developer of XDA Forum, a free app can hide notch on any notched Android phone. The developer doesn't give a launcher icon to the app, so it is quite different to use this app than we usually do with other apps, but it doesn't mean it is difficult to use. The app requires Android 7.0 and newer, which are usually installed on handsets with notch.
Step 1. Install Nacho Notch to your phone.
Step 2. Add the notch hider app to Quick settings.
  • Swipe down twice from the notification shade to display the full list of Quick Settings tiles. 
  • Tap the pencil icon on the bottom to edit the panel.
  • Scroll down to find the "Hide notch" tile.
  • Press and hold the tile, then drag it up to the top of the menu to place it among your active tiles.
  • Go back to Quick Settings menu.
Step 3. Swipe down the notification panel, and tap Hide notch icon. The tile should turn white and text will change to "Show Notch".
The method should work for all notched Android mobile phones, like OnePlus 5/6, ASUS ZenFone 5/5Z and more. If your handset don't have a notch, like Samsung Galaxy, the app will turn the color your status bar to black.

Comparison of the Effect 

(Image from Nacho Notch App Page on Google Play after Edited)

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