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How to Recover Snapchat Photos and Videos from Android

Method 1. Recover Deleted Snapchat Photos and Videos from Android without Backup
iReparo Android Recovery can recover deleted photos and videos from Android phone, including the images and video clips of Snapchat app.

Step 1. Install and run iReparo for Android on your computer.
Step 2. Select "Multimedia" for photo/video/audio recovery.
Step 3. Choose file formats for filtering, and then click "Next".
Step 4. Connect your phone to PC via a USB cable.
Step 5. Follow on-screen guide to allow the program recognize your phone.
Step 6. Start to Scan lost Snapchat photos and videos on your phone.
Step 7. Preview images and videos.
Step 8. Select and Recover Snapchat pictures and videos from your phone to PC.

Method 2. Restore Deleted Snapchat Photos and Videos from Android Cache
Usually, deleted Snapchat photos can be found in a particular folder in Android phones. All received files end in .nomedia, an extension that makes them ‘invisible’.
When you accidentally delete …
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How to Transfer Contacts from IMO to Samsung Mobile Phone

I deleted my Samsung phone contacts and they are available in my imo. How could I transfer them to normal contact content?

Just like Facebook and other WhatsApp similar social apps, imo is one of the most popular chatting tools. Almost every such app will ask for your permission to access to your phone contacts and wish you to add people as your contacts in the app, which caused the result at the beginning. Luckily, the contacts on imo are still available. How can we transfer imo contacts to Samsung mobile phone?
Actually, we don't have to transfer contacts from a social app account to the phone contact list. There is an easy way to show imo contacts on normal contact book.
Transfer Contacts from imo to Mobile Phone Step 1. Open Contacts app on your phone.
Step 2. Tap menu icon and choose Settings > Contacts.
Step 3. Find and select Contacts to display.
Step 4. Make sure to include imo account into display.
It is suggested to choose to display All contacts, but you can also cus…

How to Hide Notch on Android Mobile Phone

Though Essential phone is actually the first handset with a notch, many more manufacturers of Android mobile phone add notch (big or small) to their flagship devices since iPhone X. Anyway, the fact gives users limited choices to avoid the ugly design. Is there any way to hide notch on your Android phone? Yes, this article will show you how to hide Notch on Huawei P20 and other Android mobile phones.
Hide Notch on Huawei P20 Huawei P20 comes with a notch on the screen head too, but it allows users to hide notch with a simple setting. The setting simply darken the surrounding areas, which makes the whole status bar black so as to "hide" the notch, but the status bar elements are still over the black background. In the future, it is possible that more manufacturers would follow this method.
Step 1. Open Settings app.
Step 2. Tap the magnifying glass in the top right.
Step 3. Type "Notch" in the search and choose it from the result.
Step 4. Select Hide notch option, w…

Open Facebook Links with YouTube App on Android

Facebook for Android allows users to view shared links with its web viewer by default, but this is not always the right choice that people really want. Many Facebook users want to open Facebook links with YouTube app instead of the browser or web viewer inside Facebook. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to open YouTube links on Facebook app with YouTube. The same goal for Facebook Messenger will also be archived in case you are interested.
Enable Open Links Externally on Facebook App Step 1. Open Facebook for Android.
Step 2. Tap the three-line Menu on the right.
Step 3. Scroll down to find and enter App Settings.
Step 4. Toggle to enable Links open externally.
Now when you tap to open a link of YouTube video from others' post, your phone should pop up several options to open the link with, such as YouTube, Chrome, or other browsers. Just choose YouTube to open the link.
Note: This setting also works if you want to open other types of links on Facebook with Chrome or …

Where Are RAW Files Stored and How to Save to SD Card

For mobile phone photographers, RAW + JPG is a great combination in some conditions, but it is not easy for newbies to get started without learning how to take RAW image with mobile phone. The inquiry below is one example: 
I like raw image files. I opted for saving both a jpg and a raw image file in the camera app. However in Gallery I only seem to see the jpg. If I go into files and look there is only one image file. Are the jpg and raw files stored in the same place? How come I don't see both?
Why Can't I Find RAW Images on My Phone? You have enabled "Save as RAW file" in camera app, but it turns out to be no RAW image in Gallery after capturing. Two possibilities may cause the problem:
*You are not shooting in Pro mode, which means RAW image is not saved. *There is no RAW image in Gallery, but actually existing in phone memory. That's because the Gallery app on your phone don't support displaying RAW, or DNG more specifically.  For the first cause, just ke…

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Audio on Android

For most WhatsApp users, voice message is the mostly used method to chat with people, which makes it necessary to learn how to get back lost WhatsApp audio files on Android phone and tablet. In this tutorial, you'll know the best solution for WhatsApp audio recovery.
About WhatsApp Audio Recovery It is known to tech savvy that deleted data are not actually removed from the storage device and are recoverable as long as they are not yet overwritten by new data. This theory also applies for WhatsApp voice message recovery on Android phone memory and SD card. It is easy to restore WhatsApp from backup. If you don't have a backup for the lost WhatsApp audio, it is also possible to do it. The only tool you need is a professional data recovery program for Android device.
Best WhatsApp Recovery Software iReparo Android Data Recovery is the best and most safe recovery app for WhatsApp chat history recovery as well as other data recovery for Android. Please download the tool to your com…

How to Recover Photo, Message and WhatsApp from Honor Phone

Help! I just deleted all my text messages from my honor 9 phone when I intended to only remove some of them. Is it possible to recover the lost messages from honor phone? I did not back up those messages.
Honor, a sub-brand of Huawei, was initially positioned as a budget and cost-effective product line, but eventually expanded to over 70 countries on the world with the still low price but flagship configuration. It is great to have an Honor phone at hand, but what if we are facing the same situation as above? Or worse, all the photos, videos, contacts and WhatsApp chats are lost due to various possible accidents. It is absolutely to learn how to recover deleted data and files from Honor mobile phone.
Honor Phone Data Backup and Restore Every Android mobile device is built-in with backup and restore function, but most manufacturers alter the exact method to access it on their aftermarket OS or UI, like TouchWiz, EMUI, MIUI. On EMUI, on which Honor is running, Backup is an app on the ph…

How to Delete TWRP Nandroid Backup When You Cannot Find The Backup Folder

"I just made a 7GB Nandroid backup for my Samsung s5 with TWRP recovery, and then I found that the phone memory was almost full. So I decided to move the backup to PC for some free space on my phone. However, I couldn't find it anywhere. I've made Nandroid backup before and they were stored in a folder named TWRP, but I cannot find it now even though tried several file manager apps. Please help. Is there any way to find or delete the TWRP backup?"

The problem above is obviously abnormal, but it is really bothering a lot of people. It is hard to say the exact cause, which may vary on different handsets. Nevertheless, it is easy to delete Nandroid backs even when we don't know where they are stored. Keep reading to learn how.
1. The phone must be able to boot into TWRP recovery. Power off the phone, press and hold Power + Volume Up + Home at the same time.
2. If you forget the operation on TWRP recovery, see how to make Nandroid backup on an Android smartphon…