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How to Remove & Merge Duplicate Contacts on Android Phone

Duplicate contacts can be very annoying, which takes us more time to sort out the contacts we really want. People may encounter this kind of problems when switching to a new phone, syncing contacts from other accounts, or using social apps, like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. When you have thousands of contacts, it will be painful to remove the duplicate contacts manually. Fortunately, there are some easy solutions to do it fast.    Option 1. Select Which Contacts to Display Nowadays, social messaging apps are popular. Most of these apps require phone number to log in, add friends, or chat. As a result, you may find that there are two or more duplicate phone numbers on your contact list. Thankfully, it is easy to make it right.
Step 1. Open your Contacts app. Step 2. Go to Menus, and find Settings option. Step 3. Find Contacts to display on Settings. You might find many options, including Device, SIM, Gmail, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. Step 4. If it is set as displaying All contacts, then choose on…

How to Root Samsung S5 G906K Android 6.0

This is a tutorial for Samsung Galaxy S5 G906K (Android 6.0). Please don't use the files to root other models.

Preparation 1. Install Odin on your Windows computer.
Download 2. Download TWRP for Samsung S5 G906K to your PC.
Download 3. Download root package for Samsung S5 G906K (Android 6.0) to your phone memory or SD card storage.
Part 1. Install Custom Recovery TWRP Step 1. Run Odin on your computer, and make sure Auto-Reboot and F. Reset Time are checked. Step 2. Power off your Samsung. Step 3. Enter Download mode: hold Home+Power+Volume down at the same time until the screen in Korea on, and then press Volume up. Step 4. Connect your phone to PC via a USB cable. Step 5. On Odin, click "AP"  Step 6. Locate the TWRP recovery file, and open it.  Step 7. Click "Start" and wait. Step 8. Your Samsung should reboot when the flash is complete. Note: If you want to exit Download mode manually, please press Power+Volume down for about 7 seconds and then the dev…