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WhatsApp for Android Tips and Tricks

1. How to Disable Automatic Loading of Multimedia Files on WhatsApp?

When you receive a lot of images via WhatsApp you do not always want them to be downloaded by default. This isn't only because they are not that interesting, downloading them consumes a lot of data.

Go to the Settings> Data Usage. Choose which items can be downloaded automatically with mobile data, WiFi or roaming.Click on the configuration that you want, for example "using mobile data", and then select your preferred options - you can ignore the ones you don't want.If nothing needs to be downloaded automatically, simply turn off all of the available options.
2. How to Stop Saving WhatsApp Media to Phone Gallery

When you download a media in WhatsApp, it will be automatically saved to your phone gallery. However, you can stop the media from being displayed in your phone's gallery. To do so, you will need to create a .nomedia file in the WhatsApp images folder.

Note: this will hide all of your W…

How to Unroot Android Phone

Methods to remove root from Android phones

1. Unroot Android phone via SuperSU
Step 1. Open SuperSU on your phone, and then tap SETTINGS. Step 2. Scroll down to find “Full unroot” on CLEANUP section. Step 3. Tap “Full unroot” and read the pop-up information, then choose “Continue”. Step 4. Wait for unrooting by the app, and then reboot your device.
2. Unroot Android phone via root tools, like Kingroot
Step 1. Install Kingroot apk on your phone.  Step 2. Run Kingroot on your phone. Grant root permission if asked. Step 3. Go to Menu icon> Settings, and then choose “Uninstall KingRoot”. Step 4. Tap “Continue”, then choose “OK”.
3. Unroot Android phone by flashing stock ROM
Install Stock Firmware for Samsung with Odin on PC Odin is a most commonly used Samsung flashing tool, which is leaked from Samsung itself. You can install any version (earlier or latest) of Samsung stock firmware with Odin to remove rooting, but you must find the right firmware package for your device model. What’s more, this s…

Now or Next Year -- Win Free License of the Best Android Data Recovery Software

Win FREE licenses of the best Android data recovery software! iReparo for Android is currently hosting a contest to give out free licenses every day from November 24 to December. 
iReparo Android Data Recovery is a professional data recovery software. It can recover deleted contacts, text messages, call logs, photos, audio, videos, documents, WhatsApp and Viber on Android phones and tablets.

Main features of iReparo Android Data Recovery It provides multiple file types and formats options for filtering.It support most devices running on Android 2.1 to 7.0.It can recognize and scan data from Android device in short time.It allows full and free preview before recovery.It is super easy to use with straightforward guides on the screen. Download iReparo Android Data Recovery to your computer now! Now iReparo is hosting a contest for worldwide users. From November 24 to December 24, 5 free registration codes will be given out every day. Everyone can join the contest to win the prize. The l…

How to Keep WhatsApp Messages after Changing to New Number or New Phone

Nowadays almost everyone is using WhatsApp, while sometimes we have to change to a new phone or new phone number. The problem is that one WhatsApp account is linked with one phone number, which makes it inconvenient to switch phones or SIM cards. Nevertheless, it is not impossible. Here are instructions solving the problems. Option 1. Change to New Number If you change to a new phone number and want to keep the WhatsApp chat history on your phone which is linked with the old number, you can utilize the “Change number” feature within WhatsApp. Step 1. On your phone, go to Menu button -> Settings -> Account -> Change number.Step 2. Read the description, then tap NEXT.Step 3. Enter your old phone number and new phone number, then tap DONE.Step 4. Check the SMS send to your new phone number, and enter the 6-digit. This will set your phone number as the linked number with your WhatsApp account and the chat history is still on your phone. Option 2. Change to New Number and New Phone

How to Back up, Recover and Transfer Viber Messages

Part 1. How to Back up Viber Messages on AndroidStep 1. Open Viber (for Android), then tap the menu icon on the up-left corner.Step 2. Scroll down on the menu panel, then find and tap Settings.Step 3. Tap Viber Backup.Step 4. Tap Back up. If you have not set up a cloud server on your phone, like Google Drive, you have to do it now by following the guide. As you can see, the Restore option is under Back up. If you delete a backed up message, you can tap Restore to get it back. Part 2. How to Recover Viber Messages without BackupIf you have no backup for the deleted Viber message, you’ll need iReparo Android Data Recovery. Root access is needed.

Step 1. Install and run iReparo for Android.Step 2. Select WhatsApp section (includes WhatsApp and Viber).Step 3. Connect your Android phone to PC.Step 4. Turn on USB debugging on your phone and authorize access permission when it pops up.Step 5. Scan Viber messages on your phone.Step 6. Preview deleted Viber messages.Step 7. Recover Viber messages…

How to Delete WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive

When do you need to delete WhatsApp backup from Google Drive? When you realize that it is not safe to keep too much personal information on the internet, you may need this tutorial. Many people know that we can recover deleted WhatsAppmessages from backupby reinstalling the app and it will find backup from Google Drive or local storage. However, if you have Google Drive backup and local backup simultaneously, the app will show Google Drive backup only. This is inconvenient when the deleted messages or files were merely in local backup. As a result, you have to disconnect or delete the Google Drive backup for WhatsApp. Step-by-step instruction: Step 1. Visit on your computer browser. If you use a mobile device, remember to switch the page to desktop version.
Step 2. Log in with your Google Drive account (the same one that linked to your WhatsApp). Step 3. Click the Cog icon.
Step 4. Choose Settings.
Step 5. Click Manage Apps.
Step 6. Scroll down to find WhatsApp or o…

iReparo for Android - An Android Data Recovery Tool

There are already many good data recovery software if you search on Google. Jihosoft, Gihosoft, Dr Fone, EaseUS, etc. What’s the difference in iReparo for Android? It’s not hard to answer for the iReparo team. They are devoted to solve users’ data loss problem and just want to do it. That is iReparo for Android: the best Android data recovery tool focus on Android phone & tablet data recovery.
Surely, there is no easy solution for this common problem since it is related to various and complicated situations. At its official website,, the editors have been composing a series of tutorials in order to cover all kinds of subjects and scenarios and tell users what to do after data deletion or losing.

The developer team is continuously improving this program according to feedbacks from users and researchers. Now iReparo for Android provides the widest range recovery options: from contacts, messages to call logs, from photos, audios to videos, from documents, WhatsApp t…