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WhatsApp for Android Tips and Tricks

1. How to Disable Automatic Loading of Multimedia Files on WhatsApp?

When you receive a lot of images via WhatsApp you do not always want them to be downloaded by default. This isn't only because they are not that interesting, downloading them consumes a lot of data.

Go to the Settings> Data Usage. Choose which items can be downloaded automatically with mobile data, WiFi or roaming.Click on the configuration that you want, for example "using mobile data", and then select your preferred options - you can ignore the ones you don't want.If nothing needs to be downloaded automatically, simply turn off all of the available options.
2. How to Stop Saving WhatsApp Media to Phone Gallery

When you download a media in WhatsApp, it will be automatically saved to your phone gallery. However, you can stop the media from being displayed in your phone's gallery. To do so, you will need to create a .nomedia file in the WhatsApp images folder.

Note: this will hide all of your W…

How to Unroot Android Phone

Methods to remove root from Android phones

1. Unroot Android phone via SuperSU
Step 1. Open SuperSU on your phone, and then tap SETTINGS. Step 2. Scroll down to find “Full unroot” on CLEANUP section. Step 3. Tap “Full unroot” and read the pop-up information, then choose “Continue”. Step 4. Wait for unrooting by the app, and then reboot your device.
2. Unroot Android phone via root tools, like Kingroot
Step 1. Install Kingroot apk on your phone.  Step 2. Run Kingroot on your phone. Grant root permission if asked. Step 3. Go to Menu icon> Settings, and then choose “Uninstall KingRoot”. Step 4. Tap “Continue”, then choose “OK”.
3. Unroot Android phone by flashing stock ROM
Install Stock Firmware for Samsung with Odin on PC Odin is a most commonly used Samsung flashing tool, which is leaked from Samsung itself. You can install any version (earlier or latest) of Samsung stock firmware with Odin to remove rooting, but you must find the right firmware package for your device model. What’s more, this s…