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Facebook Photo Recovery - Undelete Photos Received on Facebook Messenger

Whenever you log in a Facebook account on a new device, you'll find that all the chat history are loading in conversations. On the one hand, this makes it unnecessary to transfer Facebook chat history between handsets; on the other hand, however, it is controversial to whether we should leave social chatting data on online server, especially after the hot privacy discussion about Facebook. Anyway, many Facebook users choose to delete sensitive messages, photos or conversations after reading, but sometimes find they are still useful and vital, and wonder how we can recover Facebook Messenger data without backup.

Once you deleted a Facebook message or file, it is removed from the device as well as Facebook server, which means you'll never be able to reload it. That is usually the end of Facebook Messenger messages, but not Facebook photos, videos and audio files that have been downloaded to your phone manually or automatically. As long as those files had ever existed on your pho…

How to Sort Contacts by Last Name on Android

Everyone has her/his own habit to recognize a contact from their Phone list, either by first name or by last name. Though mobile phone manufacturers are trying their best to make products with customized features to attract more buyers, it is impossible for they to cater to everyone's  interest. However, it is always an easy and clever solution to provide multiple choices when people have different taste. If your manufacturer is not that considerate, third-party apps can still save you a lot of time.
Sort Contacts by Last Name on Samsung Galaxy S8/S7  As one of the giants on smartphone market, Samsung usually makes its flagship devices excellent, especially the Galaxy series. On Samsung Galaxy S7/S8, users can set to sort contacts by first name or last name and display contacts by first name first or last name first. If you have a motorola, HTC, LG or other Android handset, you may also check if there is such a function on your device.
Step 1. Open Contacts app.

Step 2. Tap Menu (…

Video Recovery App for Android

Video is one of the most commonly used file types on mobile phone. People capture life videos with camera, watch movies with video player, exchange short videos in WhatsApp or other social media apps. It is inevitable to delete some important video files by accident. While Android mobile phones don't have Recycle bin or Trash can, you may need an excellent video recovery app for Android.
Best Android Data Recovery Software The best video recovery app for Android is iReparo for Android. It can recover videos, photos, contacts, WhatsApp and 5 more kinds of data from Android phone and tablet. This program supports all major brand devices running on Android 2.1 to 8.0, including latest models of Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, Nexus, OnePlus, etc. Note: Root is required for Android video recovery from internal memory.

Why is iReparo for Android the Best Video Recovery App? 1. Recover Videos from Phone Memory and SD Card
By default, Android phone stores videos in internal sto…

[Video] Forgot Private Mode Password - Unlock Private Mode Password without Losi...

Forgot Private Mode Password - How to Fix

It has happened hundreds of times on hundreds of Samsung users that people forgot the password (PIN/pattern) to turn on Private mode, and thus unable to access the precious data and files in it. Some people may even come into the boat due to failed fingerprint recognition. According to Samsung, the only method to reset Private mode password is factory reset, which will wipe all files within it. Is there any way to fix the problem and make Private mode work again?
Extract Files from Private Mode Files added to Private mode are in your phone memory (Samsung Private mode folder location), but invisible when Private mode is turned off. You can use some tools to extract files from your phone. For example, use iReparo Android Recovery to scan your phone for hidden files, preview the files you need and recover them from your phone.
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Unlock Forgotten Private Mode Password A developer from XDA forum figured out a solution to unlock forgotten Private …